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Fred introduced me to this winamp plugin a few months ago, and I don’t think I could live without it. If you use winamp or aren’t tied down to a paticular audio player, this is a must have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their speakers or headphones. C’mon, it’s the 9th most popular plugin on winamp with 1.6 million downloads! Just do it.

You will hear the difference. If you have nicer headphones like my Sony MDR-5706’s you will feel the difference… haha. 

Here’s the link:


After installing the plugin, to enable it go to: Options -> Preferences 

Installing Enhancer

Go to Plugin-ins -> DSP/Effect. Click Enhancer 0.17, and press Configure Active plug-in.

There will be a pop up window after you configure, but just ignore it.

-Using the plug-in

Basically you have a bunch of sliders and presets to play around with, but I usually just increase harmonic bass and harmonic bass range depending on the song. 

Turn the power off then on to hear the difference, it’s amazing!

-Only Complaint

The plugin uses the older winamp design, and it won’t change even if you change your own skin setting. Doesn’t bother me much considering the boost in sound quality :).


just chillin'

First off, here’s a picture of James Hu, because I think his face alone spurs emotion in the lot of you.

-Opinions on the new FB design

Many people have been complaining about FB’s changes over the past few months, but I beg to differ.

The developers are making things more efficient.

I believe that facebook has been trying to correct a major mistake that they have made in the past… and that mistake was allowing users to have some sort of customization to their profile.

Now some of you may be asking, “What? We had customization?”

Answer: Yes, applications.

A year ago… I remember going to a person’s profile to find it cluttered with all these random applications. In fact, some had so many that I found myself scrolling through a lot of stuff just to write a simple wall message.

Someone on the fb development team probably found it absurd that people were finding it “tricky” to perform the even the simplest of functions on the site. I mean, who cares about how many fake pokemon someone has, or how many zombie points he or she has earned, and wtf was with that “Super wall” application? Why would someone need a second damn wall? Hurts your eyes just remembering that garbage right? Ya I know… it hurts mine too.

The Summer update’s implimentation of tabs was simply amazing . Let’s see here, we had wall, info, photos, notes… and boxes. A user could log on to facebook… go onto someone’s profile and immediately access what they wanted without any uneeded scrolling.

*Spontaneous urge: “Hey, I wanna post on Derek Chu’s wall.”

Okay simple, just go to his page, and BAM you’re at his wall, only one click from his info, and one click from his pics. “Boxes? nah I don’t need that.” All the unneeded crap was tabbed away, out of sight, eliminated masterfully!

However, as an example of one of the many problems that have been fixed, let’s look at a small problem that existed on your old home page.

So, what do you get on facebook for? If you’re anything like me… you’re probably thinking this as you log on:

“I want to know what the f*** everyone’s doing, and I want to know right NAO.”

So I immediately would go and click the awesome “status” tab on my homepage to see what was up, and *bam* I’m there, ya know?

Problem: My first instinct upon arrival on my homepage was to physically click another link.

Facebook devs, being ever so thoughtful, decided to eliminate that hassle for us with the new update. 

Now many of you may be going, “uh why… it was just 1 click, things were fine.” Well, yes… things were indeed fine, but now they’re better. Why do we have these crazy cellphones with internet, cameras, and mp3 players? To eliminate the hassle of carrying 3 big ass bricks in your pocket + a giant one on your back. Now a days, a priveleged few only need to carry one giant brick. And that’s all credited to the idea of making things more efficient.

I’ve had computer science professors pause their lectures… only to stare strangely at the code on the board and go “Ah hah! I can move this here… and delete this line and our code is 2 lines shorter!”

I would think to myself:


But, now I realize that down the line… that one bit of efficiency trickels down indefinitly.

Say someone wanted to use your code… she would have to read it first, right? That one bit of simplification made it just that much easier for her to read. And in turn, that made making a modification to your code that much easier. This all makes your product that much faster to produce, and that much easier to modify for the future, and so forth. Now multiply that efficiency times several million(facebook users *cough cough*) and you have my point.

Facebook eliminated millions of uneeded clicks which gives the world more time to find a cure for cancer… pursue world peace… fix the economy… and so forth =).


Please comment if you agree, disagree, or have beef with james hu.