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Ramblings about the past / present / future

This is a 5:30 AM ramble.


What’s with bokeh… that creamy out of focusness, that looks so beautiful, so appealing to the eye. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s so pretty because it’s the part of the scene we cannot see when we’re there. We’re focused on the model, hell, even the picture is focused on it. So when we finally get a chance to see this blurry phenomenon as it dances over our subject in this preserved state that we call a photograph… we gaze over it and become addicted to it’s beauty.

-There’s something about taking a portrait…

I learned something new from Ashley, an experienced portrait taker, that portraiture is the science of getting a genuine expression. That’s the key that I’ve been missing for the longest time.

I like things that are geniune. Cheap food that’s ment to be good and cheap. Expensive food that’s hard to prepare and has quality ingrediants. A teacher teaching from his heart and experience versus one teaching for money and from the book. You get the picture.

Along with wanting to take a picture that will punch the viewer in the face. I want to take a portrait that will instantly make you know the subject. I want you to know what he does for a living, what type of person he is. I want you to see the subject in her own environment. I want you to even know if you’ve fallen in love her.

I have a lot to learn before I can reach that goal.

ashley @ herman park

By the way, Ashley’s photos are f****ing CRAZY. They blow my mind.

-Ansel Adams is a f***ing genius, and I just realized how great he was.

ansel adams trailside

To hell with all this bokeh nonsense. Asnel was one of the first people to speak his dislike for this blurry wide aperture stuff.

Even though these online scans suck balls, look at how he captures the scene. How can someone humanly notice that? How do you get GRASS to look like that? He just has an understanding of life’s beauty that’s on a totally different level than anyone I’ve seen before. He has a true understanding of light. I guess that’s what is expected from the founder of the f 64 group. Yes, f 64.

I can kind of see why he hates using wide apertures. There’s something wrong about it, this bokeh….. it’s blurry!! I use it because I’m scared and inexperienced. I blast the background because I can’t control it, mold it, or even see it. I need to be able to shoot with f8 or higher. That’s the skill I want to accomplish next.

If anyone wants to look over this portfolio book I have of his with me, and listen to me rant for hours… call me :D!

-“Do you edit your images?”

Yes, I edit all my images. Even Ansel Adams said that a picture is 80% darkroom and 20% actually taking the shot. Photoshop is the digital darkroom.


Rant from an uninspired college freshman:

Planning out each day seems to make time fly by really fast. A EE chapter 11 test monday, bill nye lecture tuesday, CS310 test wednesday, CS336 test thursday, EE chapter 12 test friday.

And before you know it… the week is over. I’m behind in all my classes. I can’t remember the last time I could sit down and seriously study… I can’t even bring myself to wake up an hour earlier to go to office hours.

I have lunch with my friends every wednesday, and each time I go it’s just another reminder of how time is zooming by. 

Only at UT:

Parallel to the drag 

It is a fact that College is still school and there’s no way of getting around that, but it’s all not that bad and depressing though. On the flip side… college (at UT at least) is everything I’ve dreamed it would be.  Where else could you take a study break to watch Itzhak Perlman perform? Where else would you have a tough time deciding whether  to go to 40 acres fest or beer olympics? Bill Nye or Ratatat? Ahh! There’s just so much going on here!

A video!

Beer olympics! Here’s a glimpse just before my camera ran out of batteries.

My family, Menajatwang won first place by a landslide!

Random pics:

I’m glad that I’m pressing the shutter button more often, it turns out that my DSLR was in my backpack without batteries for the whole week!

Bass concert hall cafe

Before watching Itzhak Perlman perform, I grabbed a quick snack at the concert hall’s cafe. I’m so glad that Perlman performed the theme from Schindler’s List… I teared up a little :P.

Never too late for shaved ice

Had a nice dinner at Din Ho with some of my Summer class buds. We went to coco’s next door for some shaved ice, and it looked closed since the chairs were put up, but we lucked out since there were people still behind the counter!

Death week, starts…. now. 3 hours ago.


Karma owns! 

Shaved ice tomorrow. Can’t wait.