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Daily musings / activities

Hey I think I’m going to make a total switch for my personal blog to tumblr…

It’ll be more minimalistic and honest.

Plus I dislike 100% of wordpress’ themes… and they won’t let me edit the CSS.

so… welcome to


Olivia, food heads, and bueno’s aires reviews:


I’m definitely raiding the beer alley at whole foods when I turn 21.

-Dogfish head 90minute IPA
-Real Ale Brewing Company
-Sapporo (for me, heheh)
-Paulaner double bock – never again, i’m fine with shiner… not man enough for this brew.


Sharing the Fricano’s love! Today they had a Hunter Lawrence special, but I stuck with my usual “turkey special on multigrain, with pesto, grilled.” (below)

remember to make sure your sandwich is grilled

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I love Argentinian food.

im really happy right now =)!