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Been in Austin since Summer 2008, so I probably haven’t been to too many places.

Please comment with your secret locations for good food.

five guys

-On / Near Campus

There’s lots of places to eat in walking distance of your dorm =)

Mexican – Trudy’s

The best Mexican place on Guadelupe. It’s a sitdown restaurant, and it can be kind of pricey… but I really think everyone should try it! My favorites are the chile reano and stuffed avocado. You’ll have your choice of filling and sauce, just get what looks good to you.

Pizza – Mellow Mushroom

Try their caesar pizza. You will be amazed.

Chinese – Coco’s / Hoa Hoa

Coco’s has some nice taiwanese eats, but they’re getting quite pricey! Hoa hoa has the generic Chinese food, but they don’t f*** it up like Ming’s.

Vietnamese – Haiky

Haiky isn’t too fantastic, but they are very quick. I consider their pork vermecelli bowl as a  great chipotle alternative.

Sandwich- Wheatsville Coop, Jimmy Johns, Which wich, and potbelly.

Wheatsville hippy / organic super market far up on guadalupe. Try their popcorn tofu poboy... its so good. Jimmy johns, which wich, and potbelly are chains, but the beat the hell out of subway.

Tacos: Torchy’s

Torchy’s is great, but overpriced for the true taco enthusiast. I really like both of their red and green salsa’s. My favorite taco on the menu is The Democrat, it’s barabacoa with other goodies. The meat can’t compete with the legit joints in South Austin though.

-Off Campus

***Midnight munchies-  La Mexicana

It’s located farrrr south on 1st street. The only word that can be used to describe this place is “legit” and… they’re open 24 hours. It may seem really dirty and ghetto, but it is quite popular with normal white folk so don’t be scared. They have a menu up at the counter, and don’t be scared to order unfamiliar meets =). I usually stick to breakfast stuff.

Chinese – Din Ho / TnS Seafood

I really don’t know why people complain about the lack of chinese food in Austin. TnS and Din Ho keep me very… very satisfied. At TnS get their salt and pepper calamari, it’s AMAZING.

Viet / Pho – pho saigon

In China town on Lamar.

Banh Mi- Baguette house

located in the back… right corner of the china town plaza. Baguette house is very very clean, fast, and delicious. To be honest, I think it’s better than most places in Houston.

Korean – Korea House

***Mexican – Habenero This is my favorite restaurant in Austin.

A fantastic Authentic mexican place on Oltorf. Their chips and salsa are a magical combination, and I literally douse every other item on their menu with the salsa. Barbacoa is my meat of choice =).

Burger – Sandy’s

Thursday 4 dollar combos, and frozen custard.

BBQ – Rudy’s

Extra moist brisket and creamed corn makes me so happy.

Dessert- Mozarts

A cool cafe on lake Austin. It’s a really awesome place to just hang out, chill, and eat some cheese cake.

Expensive Brunch – Moonshine

If you’re looking to go out with some of your friends for a nice weekend brunch, you should check this place out. They have a very homey atmosphere, and a big patio for everyone to sit at. Food is great and it’s buffet style! Don’t miss their bread pudding, yum.



Crave: expensive as hell, regular entree’s are salty beyond consumption, and their sushi sucks.

Ming’s: 7-11 is right next to ming’s i’d rather dine there. period.

-Off campus

Korea Garden’s Kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi): Not enough good pieces of fish, most rolls are loaded with imitation crab… and in the end the conveyor belt gimmic doesn’t justify the empty stomach.

Eastside Cafe: (Here’s my Yelp! review) 2 stars.

Pretty Dissapointing… I really liked the interior, very cute and cozy. Our waitress was very kind and “informative” about every dish. She kept emphasizing how everything was grown on the premises, which made my expectations rise even more.

The thing is… the food was bland. First off the cornbread was cold, what good is cornbread when butter can’t even melt in it? The salmon dumplings were average, I feel like all the flavor was boiled out of the meat, leaving something that could even be considered as chicken on the inside.

You would expect fresh produce to be bursting with flavor, but I wouldn’t have known if they didn’t tell me. I was told that me blue plate special was going to be loaded with freshly made pesto and homemade sausage, but I found a lack of both.

I was in search of something honest and hearty, but it seems like the food at the Eastside Cafe is just overpriced and over-hyped.


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