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stuck in traffic

I’d like to study abroad in France… but I think I’d have to lose some weight, and gain a sense of style before I go :P…

Traffic can eff itself.

I actually finished The Passion by Jeanette Winterson. I normally…. don’t read, at all. But this book makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside =).

The main characters have a sense for noticing the small beautiful details. There are too many quotes that I want to show… so just read it.

Then, when I had regarded myself for the first time, I regarded the world and saw it to be more various and beautiful than I thought. Like most people I enjoyed the hot evenings and the smell of food and the birds that spike the sky, but I was not a mystic nor a man of God and I did not feel the extasy I had read about. I longed for a feeling though I could not have told you that. Words like passion and extasy, we learn them but they stay flat on the page. Sometimes we try and turn them over, find out what’s on the other side, and everyone has a story to tell of a woman or a brothel or an opium night or a war. We fear it. We fear passion and laugh at too much love and those who love too much.

And still we long to feel.


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