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Stolen Moments

I’m thankful for…

-my parents, for providing me a loving home to come back to, and for all the usual stuff.

-my chill friends, who are really chill.

-girls who give me a chance… and are nice… and talk to me

-fricano’s, habenero & la mexicana, for sustaining me throughout the semester.

-hipsters, since i always need someone to 1 up.

-English 316k professor… for filling my mind with thought provoking questions =).


A excerpt from The Passion by Jeanette Winterson:

This year is gone, I told myself. This year is slipping away and it will never return. Domino’s right, there’s only now. Forget it. Forget it. You can’t bring it back. You can’t bring them back.

They say that every snowflake is different. If that were true, how could the world go on? How could we ever get up off our knees? How could we ever recover from the wonder of it?

By forgetting. We cannot keep in mind too many things. There is only the present and nothing to remember.

I’m thankful for life…. as weird as that may sound.

Thankful for those days where it’s cool enough outside to wear a jacket, and the air is so crisp that when you breath in… you breath in so deeply that every exhale is a sigh of relief.

Thankful for rainy days… when being inside feels super cozy because of the sudden contrast, when you can look around and find people with interesting umbrellas. It’s a nice change from the norm.

Thankful for the chance to grow older and experience things. The days of exuberant sunlight, happiness, and laughter. And also those dark days of sorrow and somberness, cause if everyday was a good day… wouldn’t that be boring?

I’m thankful for… that despite all the mistakes I’ve made in the past… I’m still here today. I’ve moved on. I’m thankful that I can look forward to things. Not only what I’m doing tomorrow, but my hopes, my dreams…

But what are those aspirations? What am I doing now to achieve them?

I have no idea.

My biggest fear is that in the distant future… I’ll look back on the past and wish I did more. Can I have a dream that doesn’t involve sacrificing the present for the sake of the future?

Time, you’re just too quick…


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