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So, I went on a photo adventure… usually I’m against things like this, since I believe that photography is a solo activity. But, my view has changed… multiple people running around with multiple DSLR’s is as fun as lazer tag! (which is quite fun)

austin sunsets

I’ve noticed that Austin sunsets change dramatically in the course of a few minutes.

mighty ducks

It’s as if someone from above sent the ducks the command, “swim west, so pat can take a cool picture.” Wouldn’t be crazy if life was just a big sim’s game?

photo adventure

I passed by these trees many times on my way back from La Mexicana, and I always thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice to walk down there with a pretty girl?” Well, that dream came true… with the addition of chris.


So, an epic adventure needs epic eats right? I heard good things about Justine’s on E 5th. Extremely cute place packed with refined adults. We sat outside at a small table since the inside was too packed, which was cool since all 3 of us could whip out our SLR’s and go picture crazy without annoying too many people.

Next photo adventure ideas:

Zilker Park, Downtown during the daytime, 6th at night, Barton Springs, Whole Foods Area. Followed by: various night coffee shops, La Mexicana, other stuff.

Would you like to come?

too young for the crowd

Just ask! I’m not going out of my way to convince people to do things anymore, you’re welcome to come if you want =).


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