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my view on life can be seen from most barenaked ladies songs…

it would be nice if my life was like third eye blind or red hot chili pepper songs.

Is ignorance bliss?

I can’t be happy eating chile and pasta at Spaghetti Warehouse. Why? I know I can go get better tasting food 5 mins away for half the price.

But if that person is happy eating their 14 dollar spaghetti-O’s, do I have any right to stop them?

Downtown at night, there are trees with christmas lights that light up 3rd street, they’re really beautiful. It’s a chilly night in December. I imagine grabbing a hot cup of coffee to-go at the Halcyon. You’re in something really warm looking and cute… a pea coat, designer jeans and cowboy boots ..? We’ll walk down the lit up street, and it’ll be all beautiful and stuff :P.

It’s a hot summer afternoon. We’re at the trailer park eatery… you’re wearing something really simple… a yellow tanktop, some nike running shorts and flip flops. We’ll go across the street to the “rustic” looking gas station to grab some drinks, then order 2 democrats and 2 ‘trailer park’ tacos from torchy’s and watch what ever they’re showing on the projector outside. Maybe a cupcake from the dessert trailer as well…

It’s the first thursday of the month, museum night! We’ll go to the Nowlin Gallery to look at some really classy black & white photography. We’ll look sophisticated and classy as well. I’ll go on and on about the tonal quality of the prints… and probably some stuff about Ansel Adams. Then we’ll go eat dinner at Olivia. We can get their frites and escargot. As for the main course, I’ll try the pappardelle, since I love large flat noodles like that. You can get a rib eye, that piece of meat is the most expensive thing on the menu for a reason, it’s bound to be divine. Dessert? Nah, let’s go to la mexicana just intime for fresh churros and hot chocolate =).

It’s spring time… Clothes? how bout a shirtdress and nice sandals =)? We’ll go to wholefoods and grab a TON of food. Baguettes, fine cheeses… sushi, interesting sodas, and snacks. Then we’ll drive down to barton springs, lay out a blanket on the grass and just veg out in the sunlight. There’s a dude playing frisbee with his dog, bikers and joggers passing us by on the sidewalk…. we can look at clouds and try to imagine what they are…

Hip hop concert, Plaid shirt, jeans and sb dunk’s cause they’re cool. boom boom.

I haven’t met you yet.

Maybe I’m listening to too many third eye blind songs? LOL. (if you take my ideas i’ll hunt you down and do some truly unpleasantly creative things to you, wahaha.)


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