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James and I have been saying for a long time… to not fight the flow of life.


What does this mean, and what effects does it have on me?

Maybe there’s no use fighting the fact that I don’t get a long with certain people. I make friends naturally, and they respect me for who I am… that’s where happiness truly lies.

Why should I have to actively try to make a good impression on others? Fake talk is SOOOO boring.

I’m thinking of making a shirt, which has a typical conversation on it. On the back it’ll say “Sup?” “whats your major again? “Hows class?” on the front “Nothing much” “computer science” “it’s okay.”

-Fresh churros = OMG


For the first time ever, La Mexicana had fresh churros. They tasted so f***ing wonderful. I find it hilarious that when I told other tables they had fresh ones, the waitress gave them old ones.

Tipping well has paid off!

Check out my food blog for 2 new reviews.


chicken nuggets

I really like how this picture turned out, hes holding chicken nuggets! Isn’t that hilarious?

<a href=”; title=”chicken nuggets by, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”500″ height=”326″ alt=”chicken nuggets” /></a>

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