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In my desire to fit in… I feel the need to be different.

cool girls

Getting frozen yogurt with cool / popular girls = instant moral booster.


Going to do a post about how I love tacos on my food blog.


I feel at home in TASA =).

Green Sparks

I have NOOO idea why I bought these.

pluckers is inevitable

The day that I turn 21 will be a day indeed. I can’t avoid pluckers… is that a bad thing?

Hoan shows Joe the way.


One Comment

  1. Glad you found a place you belong Patrick.
    I’ve always believed that a good student organization will make you feel that way and even more.
    That’s why I’m real excited for TASA recently, the officer morale has been so high, Night Market was the shit, I expect awesome things this year.

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