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Hmm what have I been up to?

Table Tennis Club


I’m so glad to be playing ping pong again! A group trip to the Austin table tennis club with the UT team was truly an experience. I don’t remember the last time I was so tired.


Just after receiving some pointers from a friendly regular, he told me to play against Joe for a new experience. Joe doesn’t speak much english, but after a few practice rallies we understood each other. He plays a patient game, he consistently returns every shot you give him until you get pissed and try to smash the sh** out of the ball and miss.

Isn’t it awesome how the love of ping pong transcends language boundaries :D?


Tasa Kareoke!

Well things have picked up quite a bit in the past few weeks. Tasa’s karaoke was a huge success! Although we have a handful of loyal members now, I really think Tasa could be much much bigger… hopefully the word will spread around.

Credits to Thomas for the picture, I only had my film camera.

ACL – Saturday

I saw Mos Def and Dave Matthews Band at ACL on Saturday! I finally understand the reason why Dave Matthews has those long ass instrumental solo’s on their live CD’s now, they get you super hyped.


Ho Ho

I ate at La Mexicana 2 days in a row, the waitress knows me now o_o!

Had an unexpected feast at Ho Ho with Jae and Jane’s friends, every dish was a good call. Ho Ho > Din Ho!

Street Fighter 4

I don’t think I’ve had a blog post about how much I play SF4. I’ve met a lot of hilarious people by playing at the UFO arcade pretty much every friday or saturday night. I’ll write up a long post about my newest hobby in the near future.

Academic / Life in general

I don’t know how I’m going to balance my time between TASA, Ping pong club, and this programming opportunity that my friend Charles is giving me. Classes feel pretty easy right now, but I need to get the grades back from my first wave of midterms before I can really say that. My hair is still falling out… and I’m scared to get a haircut cause it might look ridiculous.


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