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Elliot Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Today I went to Elliot Erwitt’s lecture on his photography, and it was exactly as what I would have imagined… down to earth and hilarious.

I had the fucking nerve to ask him a question about this particular photo:

"black kid with gun"

Elliot Erwitt/Magnum Photos

Basically, I asked him what he thought of this image since there was no response from the audience, and that I thought it was funny. He answered frankly, “I don’t think it’s funny at all.” F***.

I felt the sodium levels rising within me at that point.

Upon further research of this pic, I found an interview that he did for a Magnum blog article, he was asked, “And if you would have to choose one of your own pictures, one that has something personal, something of yourself in it?

Erwitt reponded with, ” The black kid with the gun to his head.” Interview over.


Here’s a video essay of his, it’s worth the watch:


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