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So, as expected… school is going quite slow. Why am I so pessimistic and unsure?

ABSA Boat Social

taken on a boat

ABSA’s boat social was fun, but I think I realized that ABSA isn’t for me. I’m still a bit hesitant about throwing an entire year’s effort of meeting people out the window… but it’s time to move on.

My favorite food is tacos

2009-09-06 23.55.17

I’m not going to say why, but the James and I were in a paticularly bad mood one night, so we ventured to La ¬†Mexicana for some late night eats. I have no idea why, but it hit the spot more than ever.

F***ing barbacoa with avocado, lime, onion, and salsa is the best shit ever, oh and add 2 breakfast tacos… since I love breakfast stuff.

This is my answer to Anthony Bourdain’s “What would be your last meal?” question.

Potential food blog

2009-09-04 12.26.29

I really wanted to start a food blog… but I don’t think people want yet another blog of me feeding my ego. Maybe I should just keep my favorite findings to myself and my friends.

I had lunch at Cafe Mundi on friday, which was really nice especially because Shara came along. I really liked the soup of the day, and I really recommend the joint to anyone looking for a tasty, light lunch. (Excuse my poorly composed picture from my mytouch).

Since we’re on the subject of Shara. I just can’t seem to capture her sweet and oh-so-lovable side. My goal by the end of this school year is to take at least 1 decent picture of her.

Performance Photographer?!

FSA @ Unity

So I got the opportunity to take pictures at Unity, a skit/performance contest put on by the omega phi gamma frat. I felt really cool sitting on the sidelines with a huge lens and multiple DSLRs. The thing is, I wish they gave me better notice, and a practice run through so I could have known wtf was going on.

A lot of pictures turned out quite well, so I’m happy.


I’m a pretty lonely guy, so if you ever want to talk about anything…. I’m here for you man (or hopefully girl). As you can tell from this blog… I like food and photography, but we could talk about anything. I’m up for lunch and dinner anytime.


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