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So… first week or so of school. How was it?

I think ben described it best when he asked me “Dude, do you think time is passing by really fast?”

I just dropped my number theory class… which means I’m only taking 12 hours. And this isn’t the 12 hours full of comp sci, mathematics, and EE. This paticular 12 consists of an english class, 2 business foundations classes, and 1 non programming cs class.

Basically? I’d like to believe that I have a bit of free time on my hands. No, I don’t want to become a director in ABSA, or devote my life to some organization. I think I want to take this opportunity to find myself.

Maybe I should take pics for the Cactus yearbook, or…. bust out my leica on 6th street. Hmm… sharpen my ping pong skills? Oh I know! I really need to get my website going, and learn c++ for job interviews.

I don’t really know, we’ll see.

Senior Portraits

jeans, yo

Get your senior portraits taken by me for $20 an hour!


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