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Well I’m supposed to be asleep since my flight is in like 6 hours, but I drank too much tea at dinner. Imma right a provisional post, then rewrite it with edited pictures.



The advice I always give to people that want to improve their photog skills is to find a picture you like and go out and take as many pictures like that as possible. I tried to take pictures similar to this new york times photographer.

I wish I had the courage to take a picture of everything that catches my eye. I wish I could just take the shot, and if the person made a fuss about it I would go, “Fuck you. I’m an artist.”  (like Bruce Gilden)

I’d like to be frolicing around in the streets taking gazillions of pictures, but I’m just too self concious to do so. I just can’t stand being associated with the guy totting around a DSLR like it’s a piece of jewlery, or one of those 3 girls with 50D’s taking pictures of a piece of art at MoMa.

In other news, I saw Avedon’s exhibit at the ICP. Inspirational… I’m going to have one of those prints in my room.


otoro @ gari no sushi

New york is an awesome city, for food. List with prices that I believe my brother and I paid:

  • ramen at Setagaya $15
  • ramen at ippuden $75
  • yakitori at oh Taisho $40 (reminder to self, frozen calpico with sky vodka = mega win)
  • bleh pasta at becco $60?
  • hotdogs at papaya dog $6
  • Donuts at donut planet $12
  • authenticly delicious spanish sandwiches $30
  • lime ricky’s at ensberg’s sandwich shop $6
  • awesome pasta at… forgotten named italian place $90
  • legit yakitori at yakitori totto $100? (8 dollar kobe beef tonuge = omgg)
  • korean fried chicken $40
  • witch brownies at chelsea market $6
  • sushi omakase at sushi no gari, $350


Owned. I have to say that the the omakase was the best sushi that I’ve ever eaten, ever. Is there anything wrong with foie gras sushi? No. Not at all =). However, the sweetbreads I ate on the boston trip still remains at the top of the best thing I’ve ever eaten list.


Julie and Julia is an amazing movie. Avenue Q was funny, but I just couldn’t get into it as much as others in the audience.


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