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Flying High

flying high

So recently I went on a trip with my parents to Denver, and most of the trip consisted of me and my dad *face palming* at everything my mom did. She’s very irrational, stubborn, and gets it her way no matter what the cost.

First off I’d like to say that United Airlines SUCKS, SUCKS SUCKS. They use old ass planes that still have the pay-by-creditcard phone in the middle seat. There was a problem, probably caused by just how old the plane was, that stalled our departure by like an hour and 30 minutes. It turns out cat liu(owner of tap house) was on this plane aswell… but we didn’t see each other.

Yes, Colorado is beautiful, but once you get used to the mountains… it’s really no better than Houston. Infact it has less character and flavor than any city I’ve ever been to. No unique local cuisine, chain restaurants, chain malls, and massive amounts of bmw 325i’s.

I couldn’t get a nice shot of the mountains cause it was just too foggy(lack of skill). Out of over 400 pictures, I only have about 3 that I like.

I don’t even remember the last time I went on a trip with my parents, my mom and dad never travel, and even though the trip had still left things to be desired… it was special in it’s own sense. I discovered that even though my mom is very irrational, she’s very human and very smart.

My mom stayed in colorodo a week more due to a business training course, and I just remember vividly… the last meal we had together in the burger king at the air port, and her trying to stick with us through airport security. Sometimes it’s the little things that you remember and appreciate most.

fields of relaxation

you up there?

blue moon. period.

I went on a tour of the Coors Brewery… and learned nothing.

Up and Bruno

I saw Up and Bruno in the same day, and yeah… all I got to say that is they are on different parts of the emotion spectrum.


Haven’t heard much about cyc, but from what I can see it seems like they had a successful week. In my opinionthis talk about cyc getting worse and worse each year is just a lot of needless hype. Campers seem to like camp, hell if Alan… a kid who almost everyone makes fun of(very sad), keeps going each year… they must be doing something right. A lot of us are just really butt hurt right now because we can’t contribute anymore.


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  1. I loved your blog : )

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