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(if you like this track, here’s a hiphop complication I made)

Took pictures for the first time since the Boston trip. I haven’t updated since my posts suck if they aren’t loaded with pictures.



Girls tackling girls, definitely a first for me. I really thought blue team was going to dominate, but wow… red team had some amazing catches o__o;

-ABSA End of Semester Banquet

green pastures = bad food

I gotta admit the restaurant itself has a nice feel, but boy… the food here sure is bad.

I looked at their menu a week before the banquet, and every dish looked very uninspired and dull. It’s okay to have some of the generic “fancy” meats, but when you don’t have anything that looks the least bit daring or exotic… that’s a huge turn off.

Some pics :)

i-han and tony :)

I met Tony… quite randomly though my brother’s fiance’s brother, and naturally I got to know his girlfriend, I-han as well. They really made absa that much more welcoming and warm. I look up to both of them so much… next year just won’t be the same.

joe and shara

Drinking with Shara = awesome :P.

You can stop reading now. Here’s a huge amazing rant about something not many of you will care about. I’m probably going to speak way out of my lines, but feel free to comment and bash me.

The problem with CYC and ABSA.

Okay, very very few of you who are reading this have been to both. But, it’s a fact that CYC (chinese youth camp) has been declining over the years, and now I’m hearing that ABSA is on the verge of one too. Sorry to say this, but kids these days are just so… unmotivated, uninspired, and immature. Ha, when a person applying for assistant counselor walks in with a Forever 21 blouse and some skinny jeans, something is up.

Let’s first try to find the source of the problem. Hmm. Well if I had to give an answer it would be…. plain asian stubborness and cockyness. CYC and ABSA have fantastic roots, with earnest individuals who just wanted to do it all just because they cared. They worked so hard from practically nothing… and suddenly both of the groups exploded with success. Awesome! GO GO GO, year after year… great results, many happy people. But slowly… something began to brew; arrogant people… just way too ahead of themselves went and tried to lead.

Normally when younger people try out to be counselors… or directors, they would simply get rejected. But, with the random lack of upper classmen, they have been slipping in slowly, and now… almost all positions are occupied by younger people.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are hella smart, and most of them have great personalities. But, they lack something very important, more than just age and experience… they simply lack the image of being older and more capable to lead.  Again, asians are hella cocky and stubborn, so when naturally… when one meets their supposed “leader” or “superiror” who is only 1 year older than them, they think to themselves, “pfft, this kid is only a year older than me, why would I have to care about what he or she says… or what he or she does.”

ABSA hasn’t gone this far, so let’s diverge to only CYC.

So you have these groups of… power granted youngins who are thinking, “wow we’re on top of something so great, amazing… what do we do now? Hmm, i thought things were just going to be awesome now.”

We learn through example, through copying people who we think… are doing it right. So when you have this constant stream of young people, showing lack luster work ethic… eventually you’ll be stuck in the state that CYC is in. 

A great solution that I’ve seen is… simply to let younger campers come to camp. Great, the “mentor” age gap is restored right? No, wrong. You still have these teenybopper kids in control. So all you’re doing is introducing innocent kids to corrupted ones. GG, game over.

Maybe CYC needs to restart… and look for talent elsewhere, but again when they do that… the new kids just get bashed and dissed by the immature “regulars.” who have been there since the start of the problem.

Okay now back to ABSA.

I hear about this “gap between older members and new members” constantly… so I must be on to something here. I think there could be a solution within the family program. So let me talk about my family experience, and why family set ups such as Menajatwang and DNA’s are so great.

Menajatwang, weird name… but amazing people. Bigsibs: 1 sophomore, 2 juniors. Family members: mostly juniors and seniors. 

I gotta admit, I hated my family at the beginning of this year. I felt out of place, just plain uncomfortable, because i felt all these older kids didn’t like me; just way out of my league. But, that’s how it should be. Really, I’m not joking, you need that f***ing feeling at first. Cause then when these great people slowly start to open up and accept you… you’ll feel that much more welcomed and good about where you are.

Family program needs to be revamped… and there needs to be more incentive for seniors / juniors to meet younger kids. For example… shara sent me this message on facebook.

“Hey Patrick :o)

Do you want to have lunch with me sometime in the next couple of weeks? I feel like I should get to know more first year ABSA people :o)

Let me know.



I didn’t know her… and I was confused to why a girl would actually ask me to eat lunch with her. Definitely a first for a lonely losery freshman like me. We had a simple meal at JCL; we talked about how her dad was a photographer… and chicken strips. And that’s all it took… I was hooked on ABSA.

It pains me to see all of these amazing seniors leave, I want to learn so much from them… blah. That’s how life goes =P.



  1. Oh man, you’ve only touched the surface on this subject. CYC has indeed become pretty shitty and its demise is representative of the Chinese community as a whole. It is also representative of the younger generations of Asians and how we go about handling shit. There are so many things I could say about CYC that I know I would get flamed for. I know we’ve talked about this a lot before and if people could see our conversations it would put it in a much better perspective.

  2. lol

    I went with my bro to the interviews to see who applied.I did see a couple of people wearing jeans. I even saw one person come with with a t-shirt,jeans,sneakers and a draw string bag. A couple people looked like they just put on random pieces of clothing. I still hope there will be a CYC by the time we’re old enough to be advisers.

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