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pizzaria regina

The ABSA Boston trip couldn’t have been at a worse time… I’m failing pretty much all my classes.

However, it did give me some time to think about… life in a refreshing manner, and visit my brother at his new apartment near MIT.


Bartley's Burgers - Cambridge, MA

Places I ate at (I recommend ALL OF THEM):

Pizzaria Regina – world famous pizza. try the pollo pesto.

Mike’s pastry – mmmm italian desserts

Viga – great place for a fast snack downtown

Bartley’s burgers – famous burgers next to harvard… but very expensive

Gourmet dumpling house – good chinese place, open pretty late.

China pearl – VERY good dimsum.

JP Licks – ice cream that rivals Amy’s

Maritage – super expensive…. but heres more:

sweetbreads @ maritage

Saturday’s dinner at Maritage was a culinary adventure. Caviar w/sole and butter sauce, sweetbreads with mushrooms, foie gras, and soft cheeses. I have to say, sweetbread is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten, EVER. It’s the thymus gland / pancreas of a pig, goat, or cow… soaked in milk, breaded, and then fried. It is simply amazing.

(thanks stephanie!)

My favorite artsy pics from the trip:

enjoying life

Ice cream on a hot day is one of the simpler pleasures in life.

night rider

Late night cruise in Little Italy.


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  1. Amy’s is alright, you should try Hank’s in Houston.

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