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Academically, I’m in the red zone… but for some reason I’m just not feeling the pressure. I can’t bring myself to put any more effort into studying which is very scary.

I wanted to make a whole big post about my own take on “karma.” but… yeah I need to devote my braincells to studying.

Anyways, here’s a photo dump. Despite eating out a lot more than the average freshman, I believe that I’m just barely scratching the surface of what Austin has to offer. This city kicks ass.

Kaiten zushi (conveyor belt sushi)

moar nigiri kudasai.

My friends and I went to KG sushi train on Friday… and for my first sushi experience in Austin… I wasn’t impressed. The quality of the sushi varied greatly; I felt they were trying to trick people into filling up on imitation crab. Practically every roll had some fancy… avocado/fish outside, but 100% imitation crab on the inside. The nigiri was top notch though, best salmon I’ve had anywhere in Texas. I ended up paying 26 bucks for a sub par meal.

Based on my new restaurant grading scale I give this place a 5/10, since the conveyor belt is quite entertaining if you’ve never been to a place like this before. This place is no crave, which is a 1.5/10.

-Short and Sweet

krazy drink, yes with a k

I believe that’s the name of this tapioca / ice cream place. They’re famous for their “krazy drink” which contains various shaved ice toppings and some sort of sugary… juice. It’s some awesome stuff.. Earlier today I returned to try their durian ice cream, which was awesome.

I really don’t know why people bash Austin’s chinatown. It maybe small, but it has all the staple stores. I’m betting that these skeptics don’t get out too much.

-Unexpected visit

james' "new" z.

Well, james visited this weekend… and all we did was eat, and eat some more.

Din ho, coco’s, la mexicana, china palace, and short and sweet…. pretty awesome in my opinion.


ms 150

Traffic was horrible since the MS150 was going on. But, I rarely miss an opportunity to take a picture :).

My next post should be after I return from Boston :P.


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