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closing time

I really want to open a restaurant or cafe. Just the whole idea of owning a joint where your friends can come and chill seems soooo appealing right now. What’s better than sitting back, eating good food,and having a few drinks with your best buds?

James and I are looking to open a place of our own in the distant future.

And on the subject of James, that mofo totaled his 350z, then he went and got another one. F***.

Other stuff

go jennifer!

I was really suprised to find myself, of all people… watching AACM’s “Thank God It’s Friday” Easter event today. I knew Jennifer put a lot of effort into her performances, so I just had to go support her!

I dunno… it was actually my first time to an event like this. To be quite frank, I have to give groups such as aacm props for being a place for people to come together, but personally I can’t help but feel indifferent to the whole… creationism thing.

-in need of a muse

ya i like art.

I’m pretty effed for ee316, I need to do a constant 2 units every 3 days or else I’ll get a horrible grade in the class. The thing is… I’m just so unmotivated, uninspired, and just bleh!

I went to Bill Nye’s lecture in hopes that it would give me some inspiration, but sadly it was a tad on the boring side.

-Some good news

Despite losing, I was on fire at ABSA’s 2nd mens softball game. ON FIRE. 3 for 3, tripple, 2 singles, 4 runs batted in!


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  1. Werd. Time to quit school.

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