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Originally uploaded by junku-newcleus

His photos just make sense to me… they’re so realistic, human, and beautiful. He is a master capturing the defining moment.

All his pictures seem to calmly say, “Oh don’t mind me I’m just passing by.”

This might be a little too technical, but hes using neopan 1600 film, which is crazy sensitive to light. He can easily shoot at night without flash, and he doesn’t have to sacrifice shutter speed or aperture in any situation.

There’s a saying “f8 and be there.” There’s just too many people now days (myself included) that use cheap tactics like blurring out the background to make everything look dreamy and shit.

Junku’s photos are like “ef that, this is what things really look like, this is reality right here baby. It’s dirty and grimy, but amazingly beautiful if you look in the right places.”

Alright I have a test I haven’t studied for in like… 9 hours. Great.


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