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Aiya, this spring break is passing by too quickly. I’ve had quite a lot of fun so far, and it’s mostly thanks to facebook statuses (new fb is great).




Ate there 3 times already this week alone… twice with james and once with tiffany. If you’ve never been, it’s located in welcome plaza, next to tapioca house. This pic features the new ozumi roll, a tempura fried salmon roll with avocado and masago(roe), which is definitely worth a try(probably wouldnt order it again).

Dishes I recommend:

  • Crazy Spider Roll – Definitely my favorite roll of all time. Soft shell crab and salmon! I order it pretty much every time I go. (blurred out in the background of this pic)
  • Chicken katsudon – chicken, grilled onion, and egg over rice.
  • Chicken teriyaki – very common… but hokkaido makes it just right.
  • ChirashiHumongous bowl of sashimi over rice. Seriously filled me up. Might be a little excessive if you don’t love sashimi / raw fish.
  • Chicken fried rice – Big helping of Japanese style fried rice! yum.



Ellaine @ rice

Wen replied to my facebook status, and she even got her lovely friends Ellaine, Austin, Jen, Kim to come out for a little photoshoot. 

Archery @ rice

Walking around campus brought back so many memories.  My mom and brother went to college there, and I’ve spent sooo many Summers at Rice’s baseball, tennis, “sports” camp, and of course their infamous “Summer school.”

This may be another one of those “the grass is always greener on the other side” moments, but man… UT just can’t even come close to Rice’s college dorm based student community. I mean, cramming 3000 kids into one dorm? Wtf were they thinking? Aiya… Sid Rich even has swings! C’mon… Swings!!!

rice pavillion yo

But, wow… as an example of how modern Rice is becoming take a look at The Pavilion, a coffee shop right in the middle of campus. Can’t argue with those flat screen tv’s.

-Cafe la tea

Linda @ cafe la tea :)

Yeah… I’m there a lot, and with the power of mobile facebook, cyc kids knew as well.

-But, whats with the “Woes?”

I haven’t started to study… I’m so OWNED.



  1. mmmmm chicken teriyaki

    I need to start some reading soon….

  2. 北海道! I went there too during the break…didn’t care too much for the Ozumi roll (didn’t like the sauce). And…Dragon Roll always wins.

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