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Fred introduced me to this winamp plugin a few months ago, and I don’t think I could live without it. If you use winamp or aren’t tied down to a paticular audio player, this is a must have for anyone who wants to get the most out of their speakers or headphones. C’mon, it’s the 9th most popular plugin on winamp with 1.6 million downloads! Just do it.

You will hear the difference. If you have nicer headphones like my Sony MDR-5706’s you will feel the difference… haha. 

Here’s the link:


After installing the plugin, to enable it go to: Options -> Preferences 

Installing Enhancer

Go to Plugin-ins -> DSP/Effect. Click Enhancer 0.17, and press Configure Active plug-in.

There will be a pop up window after you configure, but just ignore it.

-Using the plug-in

Basically you have a bunch of sliders and presets to play around with, but I usually just increase harmonic bass and harmonic bass range depending on the song. 

Turn the power off then on to hear the difference, it’s amazing!

-Only Complaint

The plugin uses the older winamp design, and it won’t change even if you change your own skin setting. Doesn’t bother me much considering the boost in sound quality :).



  1. i got this shit when it first came out.

    fuckin’ boss.

    still using 5.1, f that new shit.

    big ups from philly.

  2. Oh and you forgot to mention the great guy Adrian Iosif’s name. He is a Romanian from what you can tell from his website.

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