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Finally got a smugmug account, check it out.

-Taking a step back

Magic Hour

Wow, it’s already the begining of march, it’s probably time to see how I’ve been keeping up with my goals. 

  • Grades – they suck
  • Cardio – havent done much at all, but I’ve been getting a lot stronger from weight lifting :).

I need to get on track!

-Car stuff

My car(an old honda accord) hit 90k miles on a spontaneous trip back to houston, and my parents took it to be inspected. They got 4 new tires and new front breaks (finally). But, this is probably my parents’ way of telling me that I’ll never get a new car -___-; If I manage to make good grades I’ll try to convince them to get me a new VW GTI, Civic SI, or a used G35 coupe. 

Yesterday at cafe la tea… i met a teenager who drives a lambo, wtfs.

-New Pics

Austin Sunset

I skipped out on absa, but in turn… I got some amazing pictures of the sunset.

Union :D

When the sun was almost out of sight… the sky turned into this amazing deep shade of blue The lights in the union seemed to be perfect for this shot. I didn’t really edit this pic at all @_@


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