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La Mexicana

probably one of the funniest aim convo’s ever:


hiimhoan (10:06:10 PM): did you ask thu?
ibePLu (10:06:15 PM): yeah she’s been
hiimhoan (10:06:22 PM): -___-
ibePLu (10:06:26 PM): that hipster
ibePLu (10:06:28 PM): lolll
hiimhoan (10:06:29 PM): i have to out-hipster her
hiimhoan (10:07:20 PM): she doesn’t have a moped though
ibePLu (10:07:22 PM): that might be really hard
hiimhoan (10:07:23 PM): so owned
ibePLu (10:07:26 PM): LOL
ibePLu (10:07:49 PM): she works at museums and junk
ibePLu (10:07:53 PM): and gets invited to special showcases
hiimhoan (10:08:14 PM): rofl gg
hiimhoan (10:08:17 PM): i’m owned
ibePLu (10:08:32 PM): she buys 20 dollar cowboy boots
ibePLu (10:08:40 PM): and mitten – glove convertables
hiimhoan (10:08:57 PM): i have glove/mitten convertables
hiimhoan (10:08:59 PM): what else
ibePLu (10:09:09 PM): she worked at starbucks?
ibePLu (10:09:10 PM): lol
hiimhoan (10:09:15 PM): we’re doing this by how much we each spend on hipster periphenalia
hiimhoan (10:09:22 PM): i worked at a starbucks too
hiimhoan (10:09:22 PM): next
ibePLu (10:11:11 PM): gwenygerl: I’m not a hipster
gwenygerl: But I guess, if that answer is not acceptable, you can tell him I have an aerogarden.
hiimhoan (10:11:31 PM): psh
hiimhoan (10:11:32 PM): whatever
hiimhoan (10:11:38 PM): classic hipster denial
hiimhoan (10:11:45 PM): this war will continue
hiimhoan (10:12:24 PM): because you know
hiimhoan (10:12:26 PM): i’m not a hipster either
hiimhoan (10:12:35 PM): ”       “



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