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It’s time for another update.

The Office

I watched the first 3 seasons of the office in a week… that’s over 50 episodes. Worth every minute :).


New places which I’ve tried within the past week: 

Magnolia Cafe:

Just missing the Vodka

24 hour breakfast place on south congress. In my opinion it’s better than kerbey lane… but not by much. It’s a fantastic option for 3 AM food runs after clubbing or studying, but there are better options near by during normal hours.

Juan in a Million:

 Juan in a Million

Now this is the place where you should go for breakfast. 4 bucks for a heaping plate full of breakfast taco goodness. Can’t beat that! Oh and Juan, the owner was voted to have Austin’s best handshake. Believe me… when you shake his hand you will understand. *BAM*

Sandy’s Burgers:

Sandy's Burgers and Frozen Custard

My friend Hoan owes me some money… so he offered to show me some good places to eat. Sandy’s offers pretty good food at really cheap prices. They serve burgers, hotdogs, and shakes, so  I have no idea how that Whataburger next door survives. We’ve concluded that “frozen custard” just means creamier, yummier, ice cream.

The Green Muse Cafe:

The Green Muse Cafe

I’m SO happy I let Hoan show me around today. We went to this place to study after dinner, and I was taken aback. It’s SO CHILL!!! 

Located 5 miles south of campus, The Green Muse Cafe is owned by a really nice couple who have put together a great place to study or relax. Lot’s of available outlets, good lighting, quite spacious for such a small joint, and live entertainment outside on the patio (not bothersome at all). 

They have yummy panani’s, snacks, and lots of different coffees, teas, and drinks to keep you satified. Too bad they close at 12AM



I didn’t know what a Frappe was, and I didn’t want to ask… so I just got one. Basically a frappucino, heh.


So… lots of eating, basically. Oh yeah, I played counter strike for the first time in months this weekend. Getting back into the groove :).


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