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Studying is alright:

Studying can be chill too

Despite the stress of all my classes, I think college life is slowly starting to make sense to me. It’s time to do whatever, be spontaneous… be free. These are the prime years of our life ya’ know?

Even though have so much work to do, and so many tests to study for… I feel at ease for some very very odd reason. 

-Spontaneous you say?

In the wake of my upcoming midterm week, my wednesday lunch group decided to go shopping at the Round Rock outlets on saturday. I learned a lot… about make up and designer shoes.

But, I did manage to return the favor by teaching those girls my process of selecting basketball shorts :).

Most disappointing thing about the trip was that the ralph lauren store did not have any men’s polo shirts. Shocking, I know.

New camera = new pics

5D high ISO

I recieved my 5D, but I haven’t been shooting that much. However, I am already very impressed with it’s high ISO capabilities. I’m going to be only be using a 50mm f1.4 and 28mm f2.8 for a while. Zooms are for losers! wahaha.

Alright time to get my study on.

Side note:

Today was probably the worst day for eating ever, J2 burger, J2 chicken tenders, 2 am jack n the box. Never again.


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