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-Brief intermission:

This post will probably be shopping list… long, but brief and possibly yummy.

My parents were pretty suprised when I told them I was coming home for the weekend. I just really felt like going back after I didn’t pass a unit test for EE316 (don’t worry if i can take it 3 more times for 100% credit).

So my spontaneous plans actually worked just perfectly with the spontaneous-ness of my ABSA bigsib Tiffany, and her roomate Linda because they were 85% sure that they were going to see the ne yo concert at Reliant on Saturday.

We left around 6, just in time to see the sunset on top of the parking garage… it was beautiful.

Roof of Trinity Garage

The best thing about it was that the scene was activley changing. Sunset is truly the magic hour.

When we got back, I missed a turn and ended up at Bellaire High. Was it a trip down memory lane? Nah, not really… haha.

We ate at Star snow ice :D, met Tiffany’s nice parents… got my super cheap but exellent beef curry on rice and red bean slushie :P.


Linda and I went to cafe la tea to wait for her sister to pic her up. I’ve never been so happy to see familiar faces, jeff, jeffery, and kevin.

Cafe la tea


Woke up really late… ate a lot of kolaches, and then my mom forced me to go to the bank to open an account with her… which took a very long time. I got a hair cut… then went to find a place to study. Barnes and noble was packed so I went to cafe la tea yet again! Got a little work done, then met up with William and Henry to go eat.

We decided on trying tofu village for the first time. Really good call. Even though I don’t really like cold kimchi, kimchi tofu soup is some tastyyyyyyyyyy stuff.

Tofu Village

Not sure why but we were STUFFED, from what seemed like a little bit of food.

I managed to lug myself over to Tap house where Cat was out and about.

Cat XD

Thanks to her frequent check ups… I managed to get some busy work done, but I couldn’t think for sh** since i was so FULL.

After that I went to cafe la tea, gotta get that yogurt ya’ know?


Picked up some snacks and tea at san dong / cafe la tea and got back on the road with Tiffany and Linda.

-Earlier this week


Took some portraits using just 1 umbrella. The background is this gray wall somewhere in the business school. Handy!


I previously posted a close up shot of one of the flowers… These Japanese Magnolia trees are located in the Archetecture Building’s courtyard. Crazy Beautiful

Anyways… I need to study. Gonna go to Taylor basement :D. f*** pcl. Oh yeah, I get my 5D tomorrow!


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  1. Wow, that last picture looks amazing!

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