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Why? Just because.

Walking to my electrical engineering class… Andrew and I stumbled upon these guys playing some drums, and the lighting was pretty good so I moved in for a shot.

They invited me to join them… and even though I claimed that I was going to be late to class, in reality I was too embarrassed. 

Why are so many of us so self-conscious? Why can’t we just chill out, relax, take a minute… and live? 

Even though I’m not even good at rock star drums, I’m totally joining them next time. 

Good ole’ days?

Flowers on campus!

It seems that my fondest memories come from long ago… times where I was criticized for smiling too much, even for laughing too much. Now all I hear is something on the lines of “Hey Pat, man… you look tired.” Haha… where’s that old me, perhaps… all these ones and zeros are just getting to my head.

But, you know what? Maybe it’s because 99% of the people I meet here are just mere aquaintences. I’ll say hi and wave to them(assuming that I notice them b/c of my short-sightedness), but nothing comes after that. Is it simply because I’m too busy?

i like rhetorical questions.

Anyone have any music suggestions?


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