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Well this title has 2 connotations with what I’ve been doing recently.

1. UT Table Tennis

QT- Table Tennis, Dallas

So this past weekend I went to a regional tournament with the UT table tennis team. Although I was on B team, I had a really great time chillin with the team, eating great chinese food, and of course playing ping pong. 

Chinese Foods

I don’t want to go into every little detail… but here’s a basic overview

  • Left UT Friday afternoon with 2 cars, one of which was a 297 HP 07′ GTI (shotgun!)
  • Raced over to a chinese school in Dallas to practice. Was amazed at how nice plano was… holy crap.
  • Got owned by little kids… aiya.
  • Ate an epic dinner at the only chinese place open at 11 pm.
  • Stayed at Logan’s house, nice place with tons of foods
  • Woke up and went to Texas Wesleyan
  • Played some games, I won 2 lost 2… bleh I need to get back into groove.
  • Came back, ate another nice chinese dinner in Austin.

Carlos vs Mark

Well we lost against A&M, but it was very close. They have a 4 member team, 3 indian guys and an asian dude. The top guy of their team is rated 2300. And of course Wesleyan dominated because they have Mark Hazinski… who represents the US at the olympics.. haha.

I’ll upload the doubles tie breaker vs A&M, when they give it to us.


Even though table tennis isn’t well regarded as a serious sport in the US… I just love the game. I want to continue to get better at it. 

2. School work.

Yeah… it’s balls.

However, I do look forward to weight lifting.

Some pics

Downtown Austin

HDR of Downtown austin. I didn’t know the reflections on the building on the left would be so nice!

New M3

Was bored on the way to Dallas, so I took some rolling pics of random cars for fun. Clean white M3 right there. Honked at him, got a thumbs up and I shot away.


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