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Going to make a quick post, seeing that I have a bunch of hw due next week, and I’m only on unit 3 of EE316.

-A Year’s Work

Lake Austin

There’s one theme that I’ve been trying to portray since about a year ago, and that’s change. No, this wasn’t inspired by Obama… But what I’m trying to say is, that I’ve been making an effort to change myself for the better. 

Much of this process has been just trial and error. Realizing faults and mistakes and making a mental note to avoid, or chose the other path when that situation comes again. 

A while ago I said that I was having a tough time finding the real me, but magically… I think that problem somewhat solved itself. I couldn’t tell any of my own stories, simply because I hadn’t done anything yet, and now that I’m starting to be active… I’m sort of growing into the “real” me, if that makes any sense at all. 

I can’t learn if I don’t try, and even making a mistake is better than sitting on my ass and doing nothing.  Because what’s life, other than a bunch of small events. Lessons that we can build upon, stories we can tell our friends at the end of the day, and those special moments that we will cherish forever.

-Goal for the next year and beyond

"Mini" Golf

If theres one thing that I have to work on… it’s comparing myself to other people. There’s no reason to work towards being better than a paticular person, and this applies to anything from grades to pokemon. I know it’s hard but, I need to just try to be the best that I can be, because using a person as a goal is just setting a restraint on my own potential, a limit on my own creativity.

Haha. That’s all quite boring isn’t it? Let’s see if I have anything more interesting…

-Lunar New Year’s in Dallas


Well, my brother and his fiance Wendy(orange), went to Egypt… and they bought me this towel. Haha, my nephew Kevin is a pretty cool dude. He wears a helmet during most of the day to help shape his head, apparently it’s the new thing in raising children.

-Dim sum

Dim sum

Chyeahhh. Suprisingly, Dallas has a really great place for dim sum! It was super crowded since it was new years. That’s my Aunt and brother in-law Cary. Never knew that so many dimsum items had shrimp in them… my other brother in-law Mak is alergic.

Birthday Eats

James visited, because apparently this is his last weekend before he has to go through “hell” pledging for his frat.

Casino El Camio

Casino El Camio, on 6th street serves up some tasty burgers and fries. Definitly worth a try! I wouldn’t really reccommend the regular buffalo burger since the sauce/blue cheese combo doesn’t let you taste the actual meat, but don’t take my word on that… try them all for yourself :). The verde salsa fries are a must though.


Haha, I forgot how good the stuffed avocado was at Trudy’s, which is a big mound of tender chicken practically wrapped in a whole avocado, then deep fried to perfection. James… chose the chicken fried steak. o_o; When the waiter came up and asked if we wanted any martini’s there was quite a long temptation-filled pause… then Ben proceeded to just get waters for everyone. Ah, the day that we will be able to order their mexican martini’s!

Organic Fried Chicken 

Only James would get fried chicken at Whole Foods…. apparently he can taste the difference between organic and non-organic fried chicken now. I opted for a pesto turkey sandwich + sushi.

Girls love chicken

Made Joseph carry around the leftover drumstick, which went unnoticed by all others except for a few asians.

-Back to work, but first!


Put put was actually really fun. I now owe Khang a drink at tap house after losing to him by like 10 strokes. 

Lazy Exec VP

Boo, too bad your next absa email can’t be written by anyone else but Tiffany, can’t have her openly goofing off ya know?

Alright… really now. Work time.


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    organic fried chicken………

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