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Sup guys, xing nian kuai le.

-Current thoughts,

Anyways, I know that I’ve only the semester is only a week old… but I’ve hit a “brick wall.” An obstacle that’s telling me… “Hey, just quit. Do something easier.”

But… let me quote Randy Pausche on this one:

“The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out. They are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something; they are there for the ones who don’t want it badly enough.”

He’s right. So what if I have to study a lot of stuff I’m not interested in, and so what if my course is “hard” or I almost failed the prerequisite. I’ve been in this exact situation before, and I succeeded (the fact that i’m here is proof). 

After talking with Cary,  my new bro in law, who’s doing EE here at UT…

I’ve concluded that it’s all building up… to something amazing. because I’m sure computer science is one of the most practical majors out there.

We all use computers, and we will be using them for a very very long time. Wouldn’t it be cool to work for facebook, dell, canon, apple, or microsoft? All of this stuff is just designed to weed out the quitters and easy-path takers. 

Alright now to get caught up on this hw, I’ll talk about my New Year’s weekend a bit later.


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