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-It’s good to be back, but…


I really missed UT… but this next semester can’t be anything like the last one. I keep thinking to myself, “Oh how am I going to keep myself busy… should i go to this meeting or that meeting?”

But in reality I’ll have PLENTY to keep me busy. This semester will truly test my ability to continue as a computer science major. 

-Oh boy.

omg books

Yeah, this is going to be a doosey… look at these friggin books. 

Spring 2009 Schedule

Lucky not to have any early classes though :P. Tuesdays will be fantastic.


  • EE316 – Digital Logic Design, A self pace course… that will own me.
  • CS 310- Computer Organization, The next compsci course… that will give me lot’s of frantic nights.
  • CS 336- Analysis of Programs, The next logic course… another course that will destroy me.
  • M340L- Linear Algebra, don’t know much about this class… but I hope it’s a lot like algebra with not so much linear.
  • PED 106- Weight lifting, yay.

-Gear updates:

So, I’ve been meaning to get some new gear… at first I wanted to get the canon 5d / 5d mkII, but then I thought to myself… do I really need such a camera right now?

I decided on getting lighting equipment, to take a stab at outdoor portraits. Here’s the list, didn’t notice… but everything is Impact, I hope they’re a good brand.

  • 43″ Shoot through umbrella
  • 6ft light stand
  • Umbrella Bracket
  • 5 in 1 circular reflector
  • Cactus wireless trigger, 2x recievers
  • Vivitar HZ285 flash gun

I’m really not sure if I should even go into this type of photography… most of my pics are “on the go” or just spontaneous events. I’m really bad at giving directions to models… but oh well, let’s give it a shot.

So much for keeping up with new years resolutions:

It’s pretty hard to stay on track when my friends just don’t understand me when I say “I’m trying to eat healthier.


1 1/2 pounds of extra moist, 1 pound of ribs, 2 jalopeno sausage links, quart of potato salad, pint of creamed corn… aiya.

I have been going to the gym more though :P.

And, while we’re on the topic of food… here are some more pics:

Dwalin, Classic, sub fries

The Hobbit Cafe in Houston serves up some really hearty eats… I had to eat that curry chicken sandwich with a fork. 

Lunch outside

Even though Joseph and I have been in Austin since June… we never went to the big whole foods on Lamar. It definitely gives central market a run for it’s money. Great atmosphere and great food.

Movies & the Hub:

I just watched Taken and Gran Torino… both are pretty epic in their own ways. Taken is the best action movie I’ve seen in a long time; I love the “no bs” approach that the main character has. As for Gran Torino, it made me think about a lot of things, mainly… how I treat other people.

These movies can be found on the hub….. speaking of which, we had a dinner at Chipotle.

Hub Dinner

Yeah, I know it ain’t the best pic that I’ve taken… but it shall do. Haha, an interesting gathering of “Hey what’s your screen name?” 

Or, “What files do you share?” 

And, yes. girls showed up too.

It’s great to know that the Op’s are actually pretty cool… even AzN1337hacker

Aiight, well that’s it for now… let’s make this semester a good one.



  1. Linear algebra is all about matrices, its really really easy so dont worry :) its all algebra and arithmetic mostly. do you have to take differential equations and multivariable calc for a compsci major too?

  2. mmmmm the food looks delish! and nice class schedule!!!

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