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A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

If any of you guys need tips on how to use your new DSLR feel free to message me on aim – “ibeplu”

-Cafe La Tea :]

Cafe la tea

It’s right next to tap house in welcome plaza. I love the chill/relaxed atmosphere inside. Great place to avoid the teenyboppers and wanna-be gangsters. Really great coffee / tea, and the best frozen yogurt in town(better than swirl/yogurt spot). If you see a grey GTI outside, Jeff, the manager is there. Tell him pat sent you by.


Best frozen yogurt in town :)



Aiya, spent way too much on winter clothes… too bad it’s only going to be cold like 4-5 more times this “winter” before it becomes summer.

ABSA Family meet up

Houston meet up

Chill time :P. Frank’s friend gave me a great tip for a drink I made at james’ party later on… pink lemonade + everclear. You can’t taste the alcohol in it! It must be the pink.

James’ Party.

Defining moment

So yeah… I passed out pretty early because I forgot we put a whole bottle of vodka in our punch. But here’s at pic of James in his element.

Punch recipe:

Equal amounts Malibu Coconut rum and vodka(cheap stuff)

Equal amounts of cranberry and orange juice until you can’t taste the vodka anymore.

-Randoms at William’s Tower

Williams Tower

Stolen Moments

Hope all of you guys are having a great year so far. I’m getting on those new years resolutions, so you should to! My legs are so sore right now >_<.



  1. Plu, you never cease to impress me with your photography. It’s really amazing. Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Hey Pat, Thanks for everything…. from taking pics of the store to being in a commercial for us. Make sure to come by before you leave to Austin and ill treat you to some “free” yogurt.

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