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Hah, I haven’t updated in a while… mainly because I’ve just been vegetating at home. Eat -> Sleep repeat, for an entire week… until new years.


The year of 2008 has been in the back of my head ever since I found out I was in this so called “class of 08” back in 5th grade. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was applying to college with 2 crappy, unedited essays and my horrible, perhaps abysmal high school transcript.

A period of intense senioritis insued as my college status loomed in uncertainty… I’m still not sure what happened between january -> april… 

decided to go to UT, finally got strong enough to bench a plate, learned photography, swam a 400 without stopping, experienced college life, made tons of new friends, and finally… got hit by freshman 15, yeah *BAM* 

My new years resolutions:

Welcome - Chinatown

Heh, just a pic I recently took of Welcome, but anyways… here’s my list.

-Do more cardio

Can be easily done by climbing the stairs to my room on the 14th floor of jester in the morning, and ping pong in the afternoon. I’m taking a weightlifting class, so I don’t really need more motivation to do that :P.

-Go to Office hours

I need to utilize my time more wisely. Going to office hours will probably compress a 4 hour pcl sit-down into a simple 30 minute visit.

-Play some IM sports

I wanna get in on the action this time! I’m excited about softball, I’m not sure if I’m going to play for absa or tasa.

-Be less passive aggressive

I should talk things out and express my feelings more, keeping all these emotions bottled up inside me will only lead to unneeded complications.

-Spend less money

less money, or perhaps spend more wisely on food, electronics, and clothes.

-Make some money

Get a job maybe? Take some pics for cash?


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