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-Side Note

A thing that I’ve noticed about myself is that when I see an image online, or see someone taking pictures outside, I seem to immediately judge if I’m better than the photographer or not.

That just isn’t right. Photography, to me at least is taking a slice of life, and to compare my images to the work of others is just an invalid comparison. It’s their life, their memories, why should I compare them to my own?

Is life all about 1-upping everyone else?

-Christmas Shopping

Went to do a little Christmas shopping, but came back pretty much empty handed. What do you give to someone who has everything?

-No Reservations

If you haven’t seen Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations show on the travel channel, I suggest that you youtube it. Definitely my favorite television show ever, so much that I even bought his book! 

-Random Winter Project

Some of my friends are making a movie… so far it’s about a guy from China who comes to America to visit his cousin, but somehow he goes through a bunch of random adventures before reaching his intended destination. Sort of a “Mr. Bean meets Harold and Kumar” style film.


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