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Rest in peace James and Amy.

James, even though we’ve only briefly crossed paths… I just want to say that from the moment I met you I could tell that you were an ernest, honest, and humorous guy. I wish I could have gotten to know you better, and I wish you all the best of luck where ever you are now.

I have never met Amy, but her words are truly words to live by.

A brief 500 word application to the 2008 Ambassador Program. Credits to Amy Lin for posting this on facebook.

“Live not by my surrounding’s expectation of me, but rather by the expectation of myself. Do not constantly compare my efforts with those around me, but rather always strive to beat myself—there is no limit to my standard. Whatever I do, finish to the end strong. Always believe in myself because if I do not believe in myself, then why should others? Do not think of reasons as to why I should not do something, but rather think of reasons as to why I should. Do not look down on people; respect and understand others’ upbringing, environment, and culture. Although I may not agree with an idea, be able to understand and view other perspectives; be multidimensional. Use my failures as a learning too. I am in control of my destiny; if I do not like the course I am taking, change it. It is always better late than never. Take the time to breathe and appreciate the people around me. Never settle; always be ambitious; stay hungry. Travel, try new things, live. It is always okay to accept a helping hand; however, do not become dependent; be self-sufficient and independent. Laughing and smiling is always uplifting—not only to myself but to others around me as well. Remember my roots. Do not get carried away; stay true to myself. Even though it will be difficult to make a difference in the world, at least I can make a world of difference to one person. If I am ever in any doubt, ask myself: Is it worth it? Live well and live strong.” – Amy Fay Lin


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