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My first “real” semester of college has finally come to an end, but surely I didn’t spend the last bits studying =P.

As usual, I need some pics to help me remember! A lot of pics w/ brief summaries this time around. 

I’m currently writing part 3 of my photography tutorial “Aperture.” So look out for that! 

ABSA Feed Your Mind:

ABSA hosts a great event during finals time callled “Feed Your Mind.” Basically, you just line up to get a ton of free food to keep the brain cells working during crunch time :). I had lots of fun playing with my off-camera flash.

TASA Pluckers Fundraiser:

Haha, just another excuse for Joseph and I to go to Pluckers :). Spicy ranch ftw.

Khoi & Simon’s Birthday:

This was a fun party, probably not because of the entertainment provided, but the fact that I was taking coherent pictures in manual mode when I was drunk off my ass. Great chance to meet a bunch of funny and awesome people, heheh.

A new member joins the compsci crew:

Seems like we have a new member in the compsci crew, and her name is Alyssa! I’ve never met a girl with such a vast knowledge of console games… she pretty much embarasses all of us in that area. For the first time in forever, I actually contributed to the group. Maybe all that chilling actually did something for my brain =). I even managed to pull off a B in CS315. YAY! (I’m scared as s*** for my logic grade though.)

ABSA End Of Semester:

Great way to end the year! Good food, entertainment, and lots of laughter. I managed to snap a few pictures in the mayhem, however a lot came out blurry :(. What do you guys think about this picture :O?

Jae and Angela did an amazing job on the EOS video and slideshow. It’s amazing how they managed to do so much in so little time. Imagine trying to recap the events of an organization that does over 10 events a week in a video, slideshow, and scrapbook.

Thank you Thu for going with me ~~~ ^-^. And Thanks for the pic Anna!!


Was busy studying for my cal final when people in the business school started getting up… “IT’S SNOWING OUTSIDE!”

This is 3rd time that I’ve seen snow in Texas; first time was preschool, second time was on christmas eve 3 years ago.

MenajaTwang Family Event!!!

Jeeze… yesterday was quite a day… Took a long nap in the middle of the day after my final, waking up to some awesome kerbey lane pancakes at 4:00 AM. Managed to snag 3 hours of sleep before going to San Marcos with my awesome absa family! We ate at Cracker Barrel a southern style comfort restaurant, which has a crazy christmas store in it. I bought a ton of stuff at San Marcos… A pea coat at banana, some shoes at cole han, and a scarf! Hopefully it gets cold enough to wear that coat >_<!

Afterwards… I went to pluckers yet again with joseph to make use of our 5 free wing coupons, shaved ice followed of course…. I was sitting back rubbing my belly, falling asleep when I got a text about going to karaoke. Linda, a family member, is studying abroad in Italy next semester and she felt like singing good bye to Tiffany. My first time going to a kareoke bar was quite fun, haha(I’ve done kareoke before, but not at a bar). I completly failed at various m-flo japanese songs :(. But, I did manage to get a 100 on All Star by Smash Mouth(remember that song :P?).

Cya Linda, have fun in Italy!!!!


For those still have finals, keep your heads up, because you’re almost there. Oh yeah, GOOD LUCK!

I don’t think it’s time to say good bye to 2008 just yet… there s still a good half month left, and I don’t intend to spend that time watching tv or playing an MMO. Gonna end it with a bang cause it’s all about the class of ’08 baby.

Peace out for now. 

Upcoming posts:

-Aperture guide

-Tamron 17-50 f2.8 & Canon 17-85 f4-5.6 lens reviews

-2008 farewell


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