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Thanksgiving break passed by really fast… but it did spare me some time to think about what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for:

  • those who eat meals with me, cause eating alone is one of the worst feelings ever
  • those who say hi and wave to me outside even though most of the time I don’t recoginze it’s them because I don’t like to wear my glasses
  • ABSA/TASA, for giving me the chance to meet so many wonderful people. Hopefully I will become more active once I figure out how to succeed in this crazy college environment.
  • MenaJaTwang, for being a warm and welcoming ABSA family
  • my real family, suprisingly enough, for giving me the means to live a comfortable life and the motivation to continue.
  • the compsci crew, for being smart / helping me with my homework
  • Olive and Steven, for helping me with calculus
  • friends, for being chill


What have I been up to :O?

-ABSA Potluck:

ABSA’s potluck was a great reminder of how many friends I have made in the organization. Fun night indeed.

-Disgaea DS:

This game is a direct copy of the ps2 version, released about 6 years ago(wow we’re old). It’s either a hit or miss, but seeing as the franchise is still going strong today, I think everyone should check it out. It’s a turn based stategy game, a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem. You have a team of little guys, and you go through the storyline by defeating monster filled maps or perhaps “puzzles.” Quite addictive, and it offers tons of replay-ability.


That’s a pic of my cousin William. It was quite fun just seeing all of them again. It turns out that my uncle bought a Canon XSi, so I had the chance to teach my older cousin, Lauren, a thing or 2 about photography. There’s a golf course just behind their house with a gorgeous pond to sit back and chill.

Sadly enough, there was a lack of leftovers, and my brother is in London so I didn’t get to eat any of his awesome stuffing.

-Black Friday

Haha, all I have is a noisy pic from my cellphone, but that’s a guy guarding a whole bunch of Tommy Hilfiger bags. A group of us went to go check out Katy Mill’s midnight madness event, and we were shocked to see so many people turn out for the event. The parking lot was completly full, and the traffic extended all the way up to the freeway exit.

Banana had 50% off the entire store, but I only managed to get a jacket. I bought a couple things from ralph lauren, and some loafers from a shoe store. I made an attempt to upgrade my wardrobe to something more mature than t-shirts and basketball shorts, and hopefully people will see the change.

I missed out on some amazing deals though… aiya. Can’t win them all. I spent about 230, saved about 130.

I managed to finally buy a suit yesterday, no awesome black friday deal however.

-James’ Party:

Credits to Joseph for the pic. Haha, quite a nice party. Too bad the hangover ruined my plans for saturday.

-An attempt to cure a hangover:

After that crazy night, we went to a dumpling house next to that Ariang Korean food place in chinatown. I felt horrible, I couldn’t enjoy the taste of anything… but man those do look friggin awesome right now, I’m so hungry.

-The cure for a hangover:

I am now a firm believer that shaved ice solves all problems. For those of you not in the know, shaved ice is an asian dessert consisting of a bowl of shaved ice, or shaved melted then frozen blocks of ice cream with various toppings on top. It’s usually always topped with tons of condenced milk and brown sugar :). Most places limit you to 4 toppings. The places in houston even put a nice large scoop of ice cream on top. 

It’s amazing how many random people I saw.

My current “win” combo is:

  • lemon grass jelly or grass jelly
  • taro 
  • almond jelly
  • fresh fruit if the place has it, either strawberries or mango. If not, then mango pudding.
  • condenced milk :)


-New Netbook

My parents bought me this little netbook on black friday. It’s quite powerful for the price, and it’s so light! I finally don’t have to lug around my huge Lenovo T61p everywhere I go. I probably will do a review on this little guy after more intensive use.


Well that’s it for now, it’s late and I’m quite hungry… Aiya, no more Wendy’s.



  1. Good call on the bao zi back there. I ate them later that day and they were really good cold.

    And you know that oatmeal has to be in that win combo :)

  2. Psst patrick,

    hmmm, wonder what it feels like browsing on such a small screen xD, but I can’t complain since I’m using a touch right now…

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