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Epik High – Day of Peace

Dang, I’ve been quite negative lately.

Let’s look at some pics!

HDR = instant win?

James visited on Friday, I haven’t seen him in such a long time.

It’s funny how everyone thought we were brothers :P. While helping ABSA set up for their hot dog eating contest, we noticed that there was a dark cloud forming solely around where we were.

I managed to get an HDR shot of it, but I wish I was on the other side of campus to get a better view of both the tower and the clouds. If you look at the larger version you can see some birds flying around the tower, which looks quite cool in my opinion.

James has an interesting fight with life. Nature seems to want to attack him, and he always finds himself in sticky situations with girls for no reason (well, maybe it’s his fault).

Examples from just 1 afternoon include:

random ominous dark cloud surrounding over us,

random raccoon dashing towards us,

whirlwind causing stuff to fly and hit us on the way to…


If I had a list of places where I could eat away my troubles, Pluckers would be very high tier. Nothing like wings with solid friends on a friday night.

Joseph joined us, for yet another round of Spicy ranch wings, which is our favorite sauce at pluckers. I reccomend that you try it if you haven’t. We saw Merissa, one of neighbors from summer class, hard at work. What a nice surprise!

Oh yeah, we got some shaved ice afterwards at coco’s. WAHAHA! almond jelly, grass jelly, taro, and redbeans with tons of condensed milk and brown sugar -> perfection.

-FU, N!

Congrats to FU-N for winning the IM girls football championships! That was a crazy game, major props to Christina and Crystal for being such beasts on the defensive side. Go Shara! 

I really need more experience in taking pictures of sports. It’s a totally different game when subjects are moving so fast and the scene changes so dynamically.


Haha, this was a lot of fun. I’ve never screamed so much before, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people’s ears are still ringing from the noise. Peter Nguyen represented ABSA in the Mr. Mccombs beauty pageant, and he won 2nd place! A lot of us feel like HSBA got robbed, they had an overwhelming turnout and their candidate was really awesome. Ate at the pho place on the drag for the first time afterwards, and I wasn’t disappointed. So much so that I went back the very next day! haha.

-ABSA Alumni Luncheon

Even though this was just a day after paintball, I’m going to bring this event up simply because I like this picture. Lunch was catered by Spicy pickle, a sandwich shop on the drag. It was quite good, but I don’t think I’d walk all the way up to 27th street to get some.

Jimmy johns, Potbelly, which wich, pita pit, and chipotle are way closer and they rank way higher in my book.

Andrew, an absa alumni, has some crazy ass canon lenses. I actually got to use a 70-200 f2.8 IS L lens ($1500) during the football game just after. Man that lens is HEAVY!!


Man, it’s so chilly outside! Perfect weather for some niu rou mien! After getting some for ourselves, the compsci trio + Wayne went to the Jester basement to accompany Wayne as he experimented with a chocolate pudding cake. Andrew helped me with programming as usual… too bad I’m 3 days late on turning the program in. 

The pudding cake turned out awesome by the way.

Aiyou, so little time! Gotta go!



  1. DID SOMEONE SAY 牛肉面??


  2. I love your pictures and your comments =)
    It was good seeing james again. he’s so silly.

  3. holy shit patrick, that supersized photo file is incredible. the original picture was good enough already, but you really can see everything in the supersized, even the birds.

    you should seriously consider sending that to UT to use in its official stuff.

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