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It seems like I’m posting more and more now.


I voted, but frankly… the election didn’t mean much to me. I’m just a student, funded by my parents. I feel like I have no role in society, no purpose in the greater sense of things, for now. So therefore I barely felt any emotions when I cast my straight republican ballot. 

Actually, I felt kind of ashamed that I voted with so little pretense. Perhaps later in life, maybe in the election of 2012 I’ll have more reason and justification in my vote. 


I love life, the beauty of it. In my opinion taking a picture is a great way of taking a slice of the pie, an attempt at preserving those “decisive moments.”

Being the historian of clubs, model shoots, etc. are just side effects (for me anyway :P) of having a nice camera. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be flaunting my camera around so much if I didn’t enjoy using it for those purposes aswell.

I wish I could go back to those days where I was amazed by simple adjustments of aperture or shutterspeed. 

-College Apps?

Sorry guys, unless you are in the situation I was in… I can’t help you that much. 

If you are ranked below 35% of your class, got about 1900 on your SAT’s, and managed to make all A’s this semester of your senior year. I have a pretty good strategy for you then =).

All you top 10%’ers looking for tips on honors or scholarship apps… you’re not going to find an answer here.


Sometimes I really wonder why I got myself into this ABSA director mess. Sometimes I regret it so much that I simply want to back out and call it quits.

But, then I realize… without ABSA, I wouldn’t have met the majority of my friends, and I would probably be trapped in that rumored “Bellaire kid” bubble. I can’t really express how much I like, or perhaps love ABSA. 


Same as always… just trying to hang on =). 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Sup its Scott!

    500 lines of code?
    What are you programming, windows?

    I put on my wizard robe and hat

    [quote]windows programming[/quote]

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