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I’ve been in college for 5 months… how much have I changed?

I feel like I’m reverting back to how I was when I first started high school, but that’s probably only because my grades are not so great. However, in attempt to differenciate my present self from the past, I can safely say:

I’m living life, with old and newfound friends, in reality. As lame as that may sound… yeah… it sounds really really lame. haha. It’s a lot better, than playing games to escape my troubles and fears.

Through all the stress and chaos, college is actually really fun; I can’t bring myself to say that I’m suffering.

Comp sci, ABSA, TASA, Fast/non existant weekends, and Wendy’s… pretty much sums up my college life. 

Among other things… I really need to go to the gym, I haven’t been in 3 weeks. I have to remember what got me started: “F*** it, just do it, no one else cares, no one else is looking at you, do it for yourself.” Going to the gym practically every day last semester really helped me release a lot of pent up stress. I just feel too tired or busy to go now… but I know that’s just a stupid excuse.


Grabbed a Caesar pizza at Mellow Mushroom with a couple of my friends, one of whom was visiting from A&M.  Seems like that they have renovated within the past month, and they were decked out to the extreme for occasion.

6th street on Halloween night is probably the craziest thing I’ve seen in my whole life. It was mesmerizing… probably the most people I’ve seen in one spot. I managed to make a “facebook profile” costume in like 10 minutes from a cardboard box. It was well recieved by many people, especially the older white demographic, heh. Other costumes that I thought were awesome include, but aren’t limited to: a rubix cube, wheates box, siracha bottle, twister, joe sixpack, and peter from family guy. 


But of course, ABSA… haha. 

ABSA was looking for people to offer services for their charity auction… so I offered to do a photoshoot.

I couldn’t go to the General Meeting as usual because of my photography class, but I got a frightening text in the middle of class: “Congrats, your service just sold for 100 bucks.”

Normally one would be excited or estatic at this point, but not me. I was, and am very very scared… why? I’ve never done a photoshoot, which implies that my photos aren’t 100 dollar calibur. Turns out, Shara, the more than awesomely awesome past officer of ABSA won the auction. I’ve struck a deal with her, and now I’m just her personal photographer, which I think will be tons of fun =D.

Shara not in her best light

Shara not in her best light

Found out… just now (shes like a few feet away from me) that she does a very late night ID shift. Crazy….

Paintball was pretty fun, I’m such a noob… but I got some kills, haha.

We’re doing very well in IM mens, and coed football. Both teams won their first playoff games :D!


Eventhough I manage to pull off A/B’s on the homeworks in calculus, I fear that I’m not understanding the material… Gotta catch up fast.

Logic is a nightmare, I have no idea what is going on and the midterm is this thursday.

Compsci is hard, I’m really a shamed of myself… I can’t think.

Photography… easy A as usual.

Good night.



  1. nice update, sounds like goooooood stuff. and of course, love the photos, as usual(:

  2. You’re great Patrick. :o)

  3. oh man, we have a mellow mushroom here too, its awesome

    nice halloween costume, my (male) friend went as a french maid after he grew out his mustache.. it was sick.. in a bad way

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