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Lil Wayne – Mrs. Officer

-Random note:

It’s amazing that everytime I find myself falling or wanting to quit, my friends are always there to bring me back up.

Even if its a simple lunch, midnight wendy’s, wii, or anything… I really appreciate it.

-Inspired, questions answered.

A guest speaker, Trey Ratcliff, made a very interesting point when he came to speak to my photography class. He has a computer science background and he owns a online gaming company, so I felt pretty connected with him from the start. My professor told us that he was going to speak to us about HDR photography, which I knew about before hand, so I was expecting a really boring lecture filled with “OOH’s” and “AHH’s” by people who had never seen any HDR before. Turns out I was really impressed with his lecture.

As you can see… his pictures are pretty awesome.

Anyways, to the point he made. He told us very briefly that his advice was to not pursue a career in photography since most of the money in the business is in weddings and kids, far from what we dreamed or invisioned.  This really struck a chord within me, so much that I’m not going to pursue a double major in photography anymore.

-Flickr find:

motionid flickr

motionid flickr

I think motion’s depth of field pictures really swayed my decision for my next lens. In most of his street photos he uses a long telephoto lens, lets say about 5->20x zoom, to stay hidden from his subjects. Beautiful, ne?

Since I have to wake up in like 4 hours, I’ll just say that I’m still busy with ABSA, but I’ve come to like TASA a lot more over the past few days. Taking pictures at TASA’s night market was good experience, and the after party(both of them ;P) was quite fun as well.
This band was crazy! I forgot their name, but they sang a ton of anime songs that I knew… managed to get a few sharp shots. My 50mm lens doesn’t have an internal motor so it really has a tough time focusing in the dark.
I really need to sleep. more later perhaps.

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