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Just came back from my first visit to houston since the semester started… its fresh on my mind, so I’ll start off with it.

First off, why would I be blogging about Houston? For those who don’t know me… I hated my house. I can’t really begin to describe the actual amount of hate, but lets say ginormous. I was so fustrated, that I even kicked a hole in a wall of my room (I really really regret this). Why? Probably a mix of family drama, senioritis vs. school, and anticipation of college. 

I feel like blogging about it. so.

I went back with the excuse “i need to buy ____” but I ended up not buying anything… haha.

Ate a bunch of nan bei he, then went to james’ house for some straight chilling. William, san, and angela(suprisingly enough) were there aswell. 

A classic night of james being the source of entertainment ensued. He always seems to screw himself over with his depressed state of mind, which he gets into whenever he drinks, no matter what. It’s all in good fun though (not for him).

Saturday was basically a lot of eating. Skeeters breakfast buffet, guo tie, and xi fu lai. 

James went to china town to get his hair cut, but he had to wait for about 2 hours, so we went to try and shoot some pictures. I was failing pretty badly because I actually don’t know how to use my external flash, but some roof shots turned out pretty good.

China town felt very different… we didn’t see anyone we knew, and the final clue that hit us was a bunch of teeny boppers walking into tap house.

Change isn’t all bad though. A new hip cafe is opening in Welcome plaza, Cafe la tea.

Since james’ parents helped renovate the place, I got a sneek preview. Props to jeff and his mom (the owners) for being so nice.

Seriously best frozen yogurt i’ve ever had. Better than swirl, better than yogurt spot, seriously the best. Take swirl’s plain / sour yogurt, and add a dash of magical sweetness and awesome… that’s cafe la tea‘s frozen yogurt.  Jeff told me that theres a better final version and they didn’t even have toppings yet! They open next tuesday, check it out!

This guy may look kinda creepy in the pic, but hes actually a really nice guy.

James got his hair cut, I ordered some to go from xi fu lai, and we went back to my place to watch texas totally destroy missouri in HD!

-Classes / Midterms:

Stressful and B,B,C? Blah, I really have to revamp how I study. I need to visit office hours and get tutoring, those are the secrets to getting an A. 


Busy. 19 events in 2 weeks. As one of the historians I have to go to 7 of them. In short: absa is very active, and it is very effective at taking up whatever time I have.


Tiffany’s birthday at an Korea House was AWESOME.

-I need to do cal. so. Bye!





  1. I think thats the GTR James and I saw on the way back from getting paint for the rims. lol

  2. lol… southside is so freaking rich

  3. lesson to be learned from this post: drinking is bad.

  4. Oh, and my secret to studying this year? Being thorough. I’ve found that if I’m really thorough in studying and go over it so well I actually understand everything rather than just attempting to memorize it, I’m pretty much set.

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