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Here’s a classic example of rambling:

20 years old… that age is approaching so fast. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but the normal human only lives to be about 65 years of age. I think that’s really scary.

What do we do with our lives? What is the point of existance? The end is approaching, and we can’t stop time, what do we do, what can we do about that?

I shut these questions away long ago, simply because they are too scary and they kept me up at night. So, why bring all of these things up now?

It just seems everyone wants to be on the fast track to this thing called “success.” but what is this thing we call success? Is it money? If you have money, are you successful? 

Can you be poor and still be successful? 

Can the word happiness be a synonym to success?

Why do we study so hard, stress so much over so little?

These questions are quite confusing, they’re probably the reason why so many people turn to religion. It’s a simple, elegant solution don’t ya think? To believe that theres an answer to these questions, and that millions of other people are also with you in your belief.

It would be great if i could just believe in a religion; I wish I could believe in, lets say christianity or buddhism… It would be fantastic. I would probably be hanging out with friends rather than blogging about this stuff.

I guess it’s all just a mystery. What ever happens after death just happens happens. Who knows? How can anyone prove anything?

I really like to ask rhetorical questions if you haven’t gotten that picture already, hahaha.





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  1. Great blog. Brings a lot of insight into my own life. Just live your life, instead of chasin’ that paper. Just live your life, ain’t got no time for no haters. I wonder where we’ll be two years down the road…

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