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Time passes by really fast. I don’t think I can remember most of the stuff that I’ve done in the past few weeks, but let’s take a look at some pictures and maybe they’ll refresh my memory.

Lets see…

-PCL Library

This place is basically my second home and primary place to hangout, study, and chill. The atmosphere is really similar to Barnes and Noble, which is where I went to study during my senior year in high school. I can never manage to get anything done in my room…

Not a day passes by where I don’t see a friend walking by or studying; I see Karen and Geeway every time I go :P!

The thing is, I’m nearsighted, so I always find out that they’re there through AIM or facebook. The usual conversation goes:

person: “I see you.”

me:  *looks around to no avail* >_<!

person: “you seriously don’t see me?” *waves their hand in the air*

or “look behind you.”

“pluckers is finger licking good!”  -Tiffany

Have you ever had chicken wings without napkins? 


-Career Fair

So on Monday Fred, Andrew, and I went to volunteer at the natural science career fair. We arrived early to eat lunch, but the volunteer booth was pretty unorganized. We searched for the lunch from for about 30 minutes, but no one knew what we were talking about. 

Awesomely enough, we told a company that we didn’t have lunch, and they gave us their company shirts so we could go to the corporate dining room and pretend to be them.

At the dining room we saw some google people so we tried to sit next to them, but they left right before we sat down with our gormet food >_<! 

After lunch they didn’t have anything for us to do, basically we got to walk around the fair just like the other job-hunting students. The advantage to being a volunteer was that we could have casual conversations with the employers, and we still got a lot of free shwag! 8 free shirts, toys, gadgets, and most importantly knowledge!

This was a job fair for the whole college of natural science, yet 80% of the companies were looking for CS majors, which was really, really reassuring for me :).

Randomness ensued when one guy asked me “hey do you have an older brother named Dennis?” I was really suprised… It turns out my brother’s company was there, and they all knew about me even though I never visited their office.


I’m pretty much the only club I’m active in is ABSA, I haven’t been going to ping pong club, tasa… or anything else. It’s an awesome organization and I encourage everyone to join it! 


Camping was really fun, maybe not so much for the activities, but for the chance to meet new people. I was still skeptical about joining ABSA before I went, but meeting a lot of the members sealed the deal for me.

It was just chill time basically; tossing around some footballs, eating bbq, watching the stars, smores, the classic stuff. Some went home early, some went to bed early, some played mafia, and a lot of us stayed up all night. 

Taking a nap outside right next to the lake

-Director Interview

I didn’t know about the interviews until I went camping; some people reccomended that I should turn in an application for media director so I went for it. I’m happy that I brought my dress clothes up to Austin! I really need to buy some black shoes though… I only have brown loafers. I went to the interview right after taking an hour nap in compsci, so I was pretty groagy going into it. Haha, I couldn’t even answer the “tell me about yourself” question right. I was so unprepared, and Felicia was so professional >_<!

But, I guess I did pretty well because I got the position :D!!

-First and Last General Meeting

Yeah, first and last general meeting for this semester. Sucks huh? I didn’t know there were so many people in ABSA…

We had Family events, which included an egg decorating contest, followed by an event where we had to prevent our eggs from breaking after being thrown from the top of the auditorium. Someone found a bag of shredded documents, so we just wrapped the eggs up and stuck them inside the bag!

-Benefit Night at 888 

I like my family, they’re an interesting bunch. I hope that I’ll get to know all of them better.

FINALLY, GOOD ASIAN FOOD FOR ONCE!!! I got some pretty good pho; jeeze, its been so long since I had anything remotely good to eat. 

On another note: I need to get better at taking group / people pictures, I find myself cutting off people’s feet/legs, hopefully I can encorperate more of the techniques that I’m learning in photography class.

Heres a link to all of my ABSA pics :P

-Computer Science

Turning in my first assignment was an adventure. 5 of us went down to one of the linux labs to turn our assignments in, and when we got there we were clueless. Time was ticking down and most of us couldn’t even log in! haha. Luckly a few upperclassmen were willing to give us a helping hand. 

The thing about majoring in comp sci is that I can never manage to not sound nerdy when I talk to people now… “What major are you?” seems to be the most common question, and sometimes its followed with “what are you learning?” which leads to uber nerdiness.

At first I when asked why I was majoring in compsci, I would answer with “It’s just something that I don’t hate.” But now I find myself more interested not just in the subject, but the “culture and environment” that encompesses the life of a computer science major.

The thing i like about computer science is that its fluid. After learning a few basics, anyone can be just as useful as an experienced worker. Technology is constantly changing, you have to keep with the times or else you’ll be frictionally unemployed. 

We’re geeks, yeah… but look at companies like google and even EA (video games), those jobs rock. Their offices offer that “modern” feel. 


So far I have turned in 2 assignments, the basics of shutterspeed and aperture. My shots are okay, but I haven’t been getting too many interesting pictures for the assignments. This week’s topic is disturbance, getting close to the subject, or placing the main focus of the image out of the center. 

My favorites from ones I turned in for class:

My friend Hayden and his friend took me to downtown to shoot some pics; 6th street is so different during the day.  I only realized that we were on it after we passed some clubs like Roux lounge. It felt like a vacation; it seems that Austin has a lot more to offer than just what’s around campus.

As for new photography gear:

-Canon 28mm f/2.8 lens – basically a wide/normal angle depending on how you view it. I like the lens, but it’s way too loud when it auto focuses, and it can’t gather light as fast as I wanted it to. I’m returning it for a cheap telephoto lens.

-Canon Speedlight 430 EX – standard speedlight external flash. I need to experiment more with it, I have no idea how to use it right now.


If you like my pics heres a link to my “portfolio” on flickr!

Maybe I should update my blog more frequently, hopefully that didn’t take as long to read as it did to write!

Comments are greatly appreciated.


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