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I don’t know why I don’t update often,  I guess I’m kinda confused as to what I should write about.

-Well, lets just make this my personal blog/xanga/asian avenue. Those are fun, right?

So, lets just start with the most generic college question. “How are your classes?

Pretty good so far. I’m taking Calculus M, 2 compsci classes, and a photography class. I’m majoring in computer science, but I’m thinking of double majoring in photojournalism aswell. My professors are generally pretty good, but my compsci classes are a bit dry.

-What have I been doing for the past 2 weeks???

Well a lot in my opinion, hopefully.

I love UT, but I can’t put my finger on one thing that makes it so awesome. Every single day I see A TON of old friends or people from high school, cyc, and chinese school.

Jester is amazing. it’s exciting to know that so many of my friends live just an elevator or stair climb away. Nothing is more fun than chilling in someone’s room or in a study lounge with nobody in it in the wee hours of the morning. All those rumors about Jester being unbarable/bad are just lies. You really have to see/live in it for yourself. This is coming from a guy who lived in Duren.

Been meeting a lot of new people, it’s a shame that I’m bad with names >_<!

I live on the 14th floor, which isn’t all that bad. I originally wanted to climb all 28 flights of stairs up every morning… so far I’ve only done that twice. I have been getting exercise in other ways though. UT’s lap pool and gym are amazing, and the ping pong club isn’t too shaby either.

As for clubs, I’m joining: Table Tennis, Asian Business Students Association(ABSA), Taiwanese American Student Association, and Vietnamese Student Association(VSA).

Why VSA? I have a couple friends in there(Karena and Nghiem!). They’re quite active in my opinion, and I can’t wait for their spring roll making meeting. 

So far I’ve only been to 1 ping pong meetings and 2 ABSA meetings, but there were so many events on campus.

ABSA picnic / waterballoon social!

-Other events:

Gone to Texas: freshman induction was pretty crazy. There were so many people… couldn’t think of a better way to start off the school year.

(no pic :P)

Gamma Beta: normally I don’t go to parties; those of you who know me probably would have concluded that already. 6th street is another world of its own, and I think everyone should go check it out even if they don’t drink or party. I drink, but I try not to brag about it that much… who really cares about how much or what one drinks. It’s just a cheap conversation starter. I love the Study hard all week, party hard all weekend attitude here. 

You Bring Out the Asian American in Me: YBO was crazy, 800+ asian in the same room. Spoken word artist Stephen Bor, was spectacular in my opinon. I wish I had that much motivation to pursue my dreams… Magnetic North was a flop in my opinion, the girl in the group needs to get a reality check. She drowns out her parter, who is actually really good, with her annoying ass/ hard to understand accent. I did pick up 2 shirts though (L and an extra XL).

Party on the Plaza: UT’s form of club jamboree, so many clubs!!!! It was really hard to chose among them. I ran into my cousin in law randomly. I met her only once at thanksgiving, so I didn’t recognize her initially. It turns out I have 2 relatives on campus :D!

-Other Happenings

Z and G meet: Last weekend, Roger invited me to go to a 350z/G35,37 meet in San Marcos. There were sooooo many Z’s and G’s… wow. I’m not even that into cars, but I could sense the magnitude of the event. It was a great experience, and I probably got my best shots ever from this event. 

David’s b-day dinner: Its cool that we’re all instate and just a few-hours drive away from eachother.  We were all extremely from the day, but the tabenyaki entertainment was pretty fun. Intense shot right here, hahaha!


ATTA: Yesterday i went to the Austin table tennis association for new comers night, I didn’t plan on going but some of my new friends that live here Invited me :D. Their club is a lot better than the houston one in my opinion. They were all so nice. I played ping pong for 4 hours!

Dang… it’s only been 2 weeks!


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  1. Just wanted to say, I really enjoy your photographs. Are all of those yours?

    You’ve got skillz.

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