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Yesterday Joseph and I were supposed to check out of our dorm room at 8:00 AM, but when joseph got back from his test on Monday night, we just decided to ef it, and move out immediately.

Jeeze, we’ve only lived in that room for 2 months, and it was still a big pain to clean and pack everything up. We must have made 5-6 trips down to my car to load up everything.

Guess what? On the final trip down to the car…

HOLY SHIZ, GEEWAY!?!? My first assistance counselor ever at CYC…

We pressed the elevator button, then the door opened pretty instantaneously… so Joseph went in assuming no one was inside. I head, “Woah, GEEWAY?” I was confused for a moment, then BAM! Geeway was helping an RA move in, what are the chances. 2AM. Randomness. WOW.

My car was loaded. LOADED. This rivals the the time we fit 8 people into my car… haha.

Driving at night was awesome, no traffic, no cops :D

At the 3/4 point we were exhausted, so we made a short pit stop at Jack n’ the box :P. A chicken sandwich and a couple curly fries later we were ready to get back on the road.

We arrived at Joseph’s house at about 5AM… His mom wanted to me to stay the night, but I insisted that I wanted to go home. That was really dangerous and stupid of me. Oh well, I got back in one piece :P.


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