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Haha… I’m just in the mood to blog!

Here’s something I wrote on facebook yesterday…. which really belongs in a place like this.

So someone comes up to me and asks, “Why do you like photography so much?”


Country Road

La Grange, road to nowhere

How do you describe a sunset, a baby’s first steps, the starlit night, or an eagle’s flight? Have you ever stood there, staring at something so beautiful, so encapsulating, that you just stayed still trying to soak everything up?

These moments go without words right? They just happen. They are mesmerizing, beautiful, and stellar, all in their own distinct way.

But, how do we recreate these indescribable moments in time? How do we grasp these lofty feelings and emotions?

There are many answers for these questions. People turn to art, dance, photos, video, music, literature, dance… to express moments in their lives, to give people a window into their inner being.

These bits and pieces lead to even more questions. What is the world in my eyes? What does life mean to me? I think we are all seeking a way to tell the world the meaning of our existence. A way we can all add a tile or a piece to the mosaic of life.

I just like photography… photography gives everyone a window into my eye. Cameras are just a tool in capturing these moments that I just have to share with people, that I just need to let people see.

Ya… fun stuff soon to come!


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